Butte, MT Circus Lion Attack, Oct 1898

Killed by a Circus Lion.

BUTTE, Mon. Oct. 3 -- Walter Blanchard better known as Zeke Walters the animal trainer with Lehman Bros Circus, was attacked in the lion cage by one of the lions, who felled him with a blow on the head with its paws and continued the attack as he lay prostrate. Walters grabbed one of the bars of the cage and drew himself to his feet at the same time attempting to fight off the brute. Almost blinded by blood from the wounds in his head Walters dragged himself to the door at the rear of the cage and unfastening it he leaped to the street and fell unconscious to the ground. The door slammed shut after his exit. thus, preventing the escape of the animal Walters' back is terribly lacerated. The doctors say he cannot live.

Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY 3 Oct 1898