Butte, MT Playing with Dynamite Accident, Jul 1911


Two Boys Literally Blown to Pieces While Playing With Dynamite.

BUTTE, July 16.---Willie Gaiggioni, aged 14, is dead, Fred Gaiggioni, aged 17, his brother, is dying, and Matthew Mattley, aged 11, is seriously injured as the result of an explosion of dynamite it is alleged the boys have been taking from the Tramway mine and exploding in the valley below Butte for the sport of the thing.

The boys had cut a fuse too short, and the detonation of the cap set off a number of others, together with a small quantity of dynamite. Willie Gaiggioni was leaning over the powder and caps at the time, and his body was blown to pieces, his arms and legs being picked up apart from his torso. Fred Gaiggioni had both his legs and arms torn off, and his eyes blown out of his head. Matthew Mattley had an eye blown out and his body perforated with fine rock. It is doubtful if he will live.

The Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, ID 17 Jul 1911