Great Falls, MT Stage Coach Accident, Sept 1902

Child Crushed by coach.

Three Year Old Girl of Great Falls Ran Over and Killed

The Lewiston [sic] coach ran down and crushed to death GLADYS CHAMBERLAIN, the three year old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Chamberlain at Great Falls, Mont. The accident occurred directly in front of the little ones home, where she was taken and died half an hour later. The heavy wheels of the coach passed directly over the body of the child. After the accident the coach went on to the stable of the company on Third avenue without stopping and the driver was working about there and had made no mention of the killing. He was at once taken before the county attorney and gave his name as M. S. HOWE, claiming to have been a driver for a number of years. Owing to an extra large amount of business HOWE was put in charge of an extra coach from Lewistown and it was his first trip. He claimed to have been unable to control his horses, they having been frightened by an approaching street car. His reason given for not turning back was that he did not believe the child was hurt.

American Eagle Murray Utah 1902-09-27