Butte, MT Fire, Sept 1889



BUTTE, Montana, Sept. 30.--Fire broke out yesterday about noon on the first floor of the Bowes Block, a four-story brick building being erected on the southeast corner of Granite and Utah streets, one block west of Main. A strong wind from the west carried the fire eastward, where it caught the block fronting on Main street. The Hennessy Mercantile Store, one of the leading dry goods houses, was soon on fire, as well as the buildings next south--the First National Bank, Khanweiler's dry goods store, and the Centennial Brewery--which were entirely consumed.

On the north side of Main-street the Barnard Block, opposite the Bowes Building, was burned to the ground. Several houses west of it had their fronts badly burned. The flames caught the building of the Bonner Mercantile Company, on the northwest corner of Main and Granite streets, and did serious damage to the stock in the rear and next the Barnard Block. The heat was so intense and the wind so violent that the occupants of the blocks on both sides of Main-street in the line of the fire began to remove their goods.

The Butte Fire Department was reinforced by the Alice Fire Department, from Walkerville, and the Montana Union Fire Department, from South Butte. At dark several streams were still playing on the ruins. Only a slight loss was experienced by the houses south and east of the Bowes Block, owing to the wind blowing the flames away from them.

Three firemen were fatally injured and a number of others slightly.

New York Times, New York, NY 1 Oct 1889