Anaconda, MT Stewart Mine Explosion, Sept 1900


Crews Working to Clear Away Debris in Stewart Mine.


Some Theories Have It That One of the Men Was Not Killed by the Explosion, but Rather by the Cave Caused by It.

Disappointment was the lot of the anxious crew that has been shoveling away the dirt and debris in the effort to find the bodies of KELLY and MURRAY, who were killed in the Stewart mine Thursday morning by the explosion of a quantity of giant powder in the 600 drift.

It was believed and hoped that the bodies would be reached by yesterday morning, but it has developed that the task will involve a great deal more effort on the part of the many willing hands that toil incessantly to recover the bodies of the miners.

The quantity of earth caved into the drift is enormous-the explosion loosened a larger section of ground than it was at first supposed. Progress is necessarily slow. Yesterday it was stated that the bodies would in all probability not be reached before Monday.

It is now believed that but one of the men was killed outright by the explosion and that the other was caught in the cave a distance from the scene of the explosion. This, however, is merely conjecture, such expression being given circulation yesterday.

This theory is based upon the fact that the bits of clothing found among the debris are pieces from the underwear identified as that worn by KELLY. It is now thought by some that KELLY was in the act of priming the charge as the magazine exploded and that possibly MURRAY was some distance away when the explosion occurred and that be was killed by the cave-in. In this event, it is hoped to find MURRAY's body, at least, intact. There is little hope of finding more than the trunk of the body that was clothed in the underware, bits of which, adhering to bits of flesh, are found scattered promiscuously through the great pile of waste.

Another crew of men has been set to work on the breast side of the cave, and while all the men that can be practically put to the job are at work, still many hours must elapse before the debris shall be removed. Word has been received from KELLY's mother, who resides in Pennsylvania, requesting that the body be shipped there.

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 15 Sept 1900



Remains of Explosion Victims Buried Yesterday

The remains of JAMES J MURRAY and THOMAS KELLY, who were killed last Friday morning in the Stewart mine, were buried yesterday. The funeral took place from St. Patrick's Catholic church and many friends attended. The services were in the forenoon and mass was said. The bodies were buried side by side.

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 19 Sept 1900