Musselshell, MT House Fire, May 1921


Musselshell, May 12.--Marjorie Bernhard, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernhard, was burned to death at their ranch home near Musselshell, when the farm house was consumed by the fire last week.

Bernhard was over to a neighboring ranch, about a quarter of a mile away, and Mrs. Bernhard had gone to the chicken house not far from their home, the little girl being still in bed. When 15 minutes later the mother started back to the house, she saw it was afire. She rushed back and attempted to enter and get the little girl, but the flames drove her back.

She rushed to the neighboring house and by that time the house was almost consumed. Neighbor searched through the ruins and found thee charred remains of the little girl, who had probably been overcome by the smoke and was unable to get out.

The Roundup Record, Roundup, MT 13 May 1921