Missoula, MT Train Accident, May 1901

His Skull Fractured

C.W. Jagger of Missoula, While Intoxicated, Went to Sleep on the Rialr5oad Track--He Was Struck by an Engine and His Injuries Proved Fatal.

Special to the Miner.
Missoula, May 13.-C.W. Jagger, supposed to have been in an intoxicated condition, yesterday afternoon laid down on the railroad track, two miles west of this city, and went to sleep. A light engine from the west came along and struck him, fracturing his skull. He was taken to the Sisters’ hospital alive but died this morning.

Jagger was an employee at Hollenbeck’s brickyard, and is supposed to have relatives at St. Paul, with whom efforts are being made to communicate. The body now lies at Lucy’s undertaking parlors.

Butte Weekly Miner, Butte, MT 15 May 1901