Great Falls, MT Lights Match While Looking for Gas Leak, Dec 1949

Man Looking for Gas Leak Finds It by Lighting Match; Fire Extinguished.

Great Falls, Dec. 30--(AP)--It finally happened.

A gas company employe[sic], checking a report of escaping gas in a Great Falls residence Friday afternoon, went looking for the leak with matches, city firemen reported. He found it.

Firemen extinguished the blaze after some damage resulted. The fire was at the home of Theodore Remus.

Mrs. Remus, after smelling the escaping gas, had notified the city-county health office, reporting the leak and asking that they call the gas company.

Later she phoned again, saying the gas man sent up had tried to find the leak by lighting a match.

"Now my house is on fire." she said.

Billings Gazette, Billings, MT 31 Dec 1949



Just an aside, AP until well into the 1970s required employee to be spelled with one e on the end, so it's not a typo.