Emigrant Peak, MT Air Force Bomber Crash, July 1962


Livingston, Mont. (AP) -- An Air Force plane carrying a crew of four crashed in flames against Emigrant Peak, in the Rocky Mountains, Monday night.
A rescue team from Malmstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls, Mont., reported the craft was a B47 jet bomber on a training mission from Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene, Tex.
Crew members were listed as missing are:
CAPT. JOSEPH W. FAULCONER, 29, El Dorado, Kan.
LT. LLOYD G. SAWYERS, 29, Cicso, Tex.
LT. DAVID T. SUTTON, 24, Miami, Okla.
No bodies were found. Officials said relatives of the men were being advised they were missing.
The plane smashed into a rugged area at the 8,500 foot level of Emigrant Peak, part of the Rocky Mountains about 20 miles southwest of Livingston, in South Central Montana.
The fiery crash touched off a forest fire that prevented first search parties from getting to the main part of the wreckage. Parts of the plane were scattered along the slope.
One parachute pack was found by sheriff's deputies as dawn broke over the area, two miles from the nearest road.

Estherville Daily News Iowa 1962-07-24


Frederick J Hixenbaugh

What was your fathers name?

Emigrant Peak Crash of 1962

My cousin Bryan is working on creating a memorial to honor the four heroes lost in the Emigrant Peak crash of 1962, he is only in the beginning stages and has asked me to try to locate any family members that might be interested in the project or have any info that may help. I'd love to know which of these airmen was your uncle and to know something about him. Any information you could provide would be a great help as we move forward with this project.

Thanks you very much.


Crash Site Memorial


I was introduced to this incident by Bryan, the gentleman with the first post in this thread. I am sorry about the loss of your father and his crew mates. Bryan is incredibly familiar with the area and wished to do a memorial for your father and the rest of the crew. I made a contact at Dyess AFB but he was unable to find any records as this unit was restructured and they took their records with them. We are still trying to structure something to place at the site for the four crewmen. I look forward to speaking with you and any input you may have.

Emigrant Peak

Hi, I hiked to the crash site last week. I had been there in 1970. So sorry for your loss. My wife heard the crash in 1962 she was 9 yrs old.
It is a beautiful area.


I would also like to thank

I would also like to thank you as well. My Uncle was also a member of this crew 10 months before my birth and I have been trying to find more information

Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this old news story. My father was a crew member on this flight.