Canton, MO Tornado, June 1835


A clip from the office of the Springfield (Missouri) Journal, dated June 23, ten o'clock at night, says:
A gentleman who has just reached here from Canton, in Fulton county, brings us information of a most disastrous hurricane having passed over that village on the 18th inst. at 6 o'clock P.M.
That place contains about 35 houses, and in a few minutes two thirds of them were levelled with the ground; only three escaped uninjured. Four persons were killed, on a MR. SWAN, and three children. One child was killed in its mother's lap; one was blown a quarter of a mile, and found dead next day shockingly mangled. One store (MR. FOSTER'S) was blown down, and the goods scattered over the prairies. A great number of persons were severely injured -- MR. FOSTER, it is supposed, fatally. The Presbyterian Church was occupied by the houseless inhabitants. MR. SEBREE'S tavern was also full. The account which our informant gives of the rush of the inhabitants to the tavern is most appalling.

Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1835-07-20