St. Louis, MO Luxemburg Building Explosion, Apr 1907


Two Volunteers Killed and Eight Hurt Near St. Louis

Sr. Louis, April 29.--ALBERT ZIMMERMAN and JOHN BECKER were killed and eight men were injured Sunday at Luxemburg, a suburb of St. Louis, by an explosion of dynamite, while they were attempting to extinguish a fire in a small building. Several of the injured are in a serious condition.

The police are working on the theory that the fire was of incendiary origin. Residents of the neighborhood had no knowledge of dynamite being in the building. When the flames were first discovered many men joined in the effort to extinguish them, the suburb being without an engine company.

Iowa City Daily Press, Iowa City. IA 29 Apr 1907


Those seriously injured are: Henry Funke, Louis Heiberger, Chris Buehler, Henry Phenning, Joseph Hunt, Casper Warne, Thomas Stocker, and Frank Prasak.

Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 29 Apr 1907


As a result of an investigation by St. Louis County, Missouri, authorities into the origin of a fire at Luxemburg, a suburb of St. Louis, Sunday, during which an explosion of dynamite killed two mane and injured eight others, August and Fred Wolff, Robert Hartman and August Schira were arrested yesterday on suspicion of having caused the fire by incendiary methods.

Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 30 Apr 1907