St. Louis, MO LaClede Firebrick Works Boiler Explosion, Mar 1892

Boiler Explosion at Cheltenham, Missouri

ST. LOUIS, March 22. -- Four men were killed, two fatally injured and three slightly injured Monday afternoon by the explosion of a boiler at the LACLEDE firebrick works at Cheltenham. Following is the list of the victims: Killed - JOSEPH BECKLEY, bricklayer's apprentice; JOHN DUOUCHY, machinist; REYNOLD DENIEKE, pan feeder; LARRY HUSSY, molder. Injured - FRANK SEGER, fireman, fatally; MORGAN INMAN, laborer, fatally; JOHN CELLERT, engineer, slightly; JAMES SUMMERFIELD, laborer, slightly.

The explosion occurred in the main building of the works. The two boilers were located at the south side of the building and covered by a shed. But one of the boilers exploded. Seven men were at work on the roof of the shed repairing the whistle at the time. The boiler divided in half, and one-half of the boiler was carried clear over the main building and landed on the road on the opposite side of the street. The other half of the boiler was carried ten or twelve feet. FRANK SEGER, the fireman, was blown into a creek thirty feet distant from which he was fished out some time later. The four men who were killed were terrible mangled. The noise of the explosion attracted people for miles and so many gathered at the works that the police had difficulty keeping them back and the works had to be shut down for the day. The shock was felt for blocks away, while the report could be heard for miles.

The Ohio Democrat New Philadelphia, Ohio 1892-03-31