St. Louis, MO Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Sept 1890

Blown to Fragments

Two Men Torn To Pieces By the Explosion of a Locomotive Boiler.

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 15 -- A most appalling accident occurred in the yards of the St. Louis, Kansas City and Colorado railroad Saturday evening, by which two men were mangled and crushed in a most terrible manner. A boiler of a switch-engine exploded and literally blew Engineer Barrett and Fireman Dougheney to fragments. Barrett was thrown more than 100 feet and his head severed from his body, and Dougheney was hurled up through a maze of telegraph wires and dropped back to the ground a lump of bleeding flesh and broken bones. A part of the locomotive weighing a ton or more was hurled 250 feet, and a tree standing alongside the track was split from the ground up. A part of the train which the engine was hauling was also wrecked.

The Indiana Gazette, Indiana, PA 18 Sept. 1890