Westport, MO Tornado In Jackson County, Oct 1844



We learn from the Western Expositor, printed at Independence, in Jackson co., Missouri, that a destructive hurricane visited that section of the State about 9 o'clock of the night of the 25th. Its effects were lamentably disastrous.
That paper says:
It came across the prairie three miles from Westport, which it injured considerably, from whence it passed over our county in a north-east direction, striking the river about half a mile above Wayne city, at C. N. HALL'S mill, and have heard of its keeping down the river for some miles, but as yet we have not heard where it commenced nor where it ended. It varied from five to seven hundred yards in width, and pursued a straight direction.
We give the following list of the killed and wounded:
MRS. McGILL, Livingston, killed; MRS. Stone, do.; MR. KERR had three children killed, and himself greatly wounded; MISS MARY MIDDLETON and DR. MARTIN'S son, near Westport, were killed. A stranger who had been moving a family to Platte, and encamped opposite Owen's landing, was found dead, his wagon blown entirely away. THOMAS HEDGES had all his houses and furniture blown off, and several of his family badly crippled; SAMUEL LAMBERT, houses, &c., gone, wife and another person badly injured; J. BEADLEY, houses, &c., blown off; J. KING, do.; MRS. HUGGINS, do., and herself badly crippled; MRS. RAGAN, do., and herself and negro man crippled; DR. MARTIN, do.; MRS. BUCKHART, do.; THOMAS SMITH, do.; C. N. HALL'S steam saw mill, roof blown off, grist mill and houses blown entirely away -- damage about $12,000.
We have heard of several others killed and wounded, and much more property injured, but do not know the particulars. We have no idea that the half has been told, or yet heard of, of the loss of lives and destruction of property, occasioned by this awful tornado.

The Brooklyn Eagle New York 1844-11-11