Moberly, MO Bridge Collapse Over Grand River, July 1884



Moberly, Mo., July 4. -- The list of drowned and seriously injured in the Grand River bridge disaster in increasing as the work of clearing away the wreck progresses. It is now estimated that 12 men were drowned and as many more fatally injured. The following list of the drowned and injured was received here this morning:
JOHN LONG, drowned.
ROBERT BAKER, fatally injured.
JAMES YOUNG, shoulder crushed.
PLATT YOUNG, leg broken.
FRED YOUNG, drowned; body recovered.
A. FISHER, drowned.
D. HAYWOOD, internally injured; cannot recover.
WARD WEST, hips and back badly cut.
JAMES BRUCE, temple crushed.
J. B. BRONSON, leg broken, internally injured.
JOHN A. DILLON, drowned.
GEORGE BROWN, thigh broken.
PHIL BECK, engineer, badly crushed.
JAMES DICK, fireman, hips crushed, arms broken.
JAMES McCORD, hips crushed; has since died.
JAMES HOGAN, back and hips hurt.
ARCH HILL, badly bruised.
J. P. MAPWELL, of Sumner, badly bruised.
AL SHORT, of Sumner, rib broken.
The bodies of ABRAHAM WEBB, of Cunningham, and JOHN LONG, of Sumner, have not been recovered. Three unidentified bodies have been recovered by divers. The portion of the bridge which gave way represents the centre span, and was about 150 feet long and 40 feet above the water. The structure is what is called false work. The cause of the accident has not been fully established. The engineer was backing the train on the bridge, and was checking its speed in order to cross safely, and the whole train was brought almost to a standstill in the centre of the structure. When extra steam was put on the frail bridge began to totter, and soon sank under the train's weight. The engineer saw that nothing could be done to prevent a disaster and began sounding the whistle, which was continued until the engine struck the water. But for this alarm not a single occupant of the eight cars would have been saved.

The New York Times New York 1884-07-05