Kansas City, MO Tornado, May 1886


Kansas City Devastated by a Terrible Cyclone

Killed and Wounded.



Factories and Other Buildings Blown to Atoms, and Their Occupants Killed and Missing---Appalling Scenes Among the Ruins---List of Casualties---Notes.

Leavenworth, Kan., May 12---A terrible wind and rain storm struck Kansas City and caused great loss of life and property. Up to this hour the following is the latest report received here. The Lathrop school, situated at the southeast corner of Eighth and May streets, was the scene of a terrible disaster, the building falling to the ground and entombing a hundred helpless children. The particulars of the wreck of the school house will be found below.

The grain and paper house at No. 106 West Third street was also blown down and great loss of life resulted.

The space between the clouds and the earth presented an almost perfectly white appearance made by the rain, and blown in every imaginable direction by the wind as the storm advanced. It swept every small object away from its path. These filled the air and fell to the ground only to be lifted up again and to be carried to a still greater distance. Many people in the city not aware of the seriousness of the storm, were caught in it and lifted bodily from their feet. Many were hurled fifteen or twenty feet away, receiving terrible bruises. In the suburbs of the city a large number of frame houses wee blown down and the inmates barely escaped with their lives.

The scene around the Second street court house is one terrible to describe. The full force of the wind fell upon it with terrific effect. Among those injured at the court house were:

Ed HEDGES, back broke.

Will HEDGES, leg broke.

Joseph WALDEN, dug out from under the debris in front of the court house, bruised and bleeding.

STEINBERGE, a young abstract man living at 719 Main street, badly injured about the body.

Henry DOUGHERTY, deputy sheriff, missing.

James CHASE, clerk in Stover's court, hurt about the head.

Todd HINES jumped from the second story window and escaped.

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