Robertson, MO Plane Crashes On Landing, Jan 1941



St. Louis, Jan. 23 (AP) -- Only a mile from safety, a big Transcontinental and Western airliner crashed before dawn today approaching Lambert-St. Louis municipal airport, killing the chief pilot and a passenger and injuring 12 other persons.
Flying on instruments, Captain P. T. W. SCOTT passed over the field at 4:13 a.m., CST, and three minutes later he was dead in the wreckage of the ship.
J. F. MOTT, a TWA employee who boarded the plane as a passenger at Kansas City, also was killed.
Plane Behind Schedule.
Far behind schedule, the airliner en route from Los Angeles to New York, flew low across the field and then banked to the left in making a swing for a landing from the southwest.
Residents of the neighborhood heard an angry roar of the twin motors, apparently when the pilot "gunned his engines in an effort to climb." A "big flash" followed.
The giant plane clipped a maple tree, 40 feet high, ripped a wing across a row of trees and a telephone pole and smashed to the ground in the back of a farm house. It did not burn.
One motor was torn from the plane while it still was in the air and the other broke off at the impact with the ground.
One side of the ship was sheared away and the first person to reach the scene said some of the passengers were able to get out by themselves. The others were helped out. Ambulances took six injured to one hospital and five to another.
Passengers Injured.
TWA reported this list of passengers and their injuries:
C. W. JURGEN, 788 North Clay, Kirkwood, Mo., broken back, condition serious.
J. S. WALTER, 111 S. Darborn, Chicago, broken ribs and cuts.
MRS. MARY McCLOSKEY, Burbank, Calif., wife of TWA employee T. E. McCloskey, skull fracture, condition serious.
TODD STODDARD, Los Angeles, wrenched arm.
MRS. M. HIDDEN, San Pedro, Calif., internal injuries, serious condition.
JOE WASHBURN, en route to St. Louis, address unknown.
C. B. SHAW, Pickwick hotel, Kansas City.
STUART SANFORD, TWA mechanic, Burbank.
MRS. F. E. EKEY, Biltmore hotel, Los Angeles.
E. C. CRIGGS, Columbus, Ohio.

Charleston Daily Mail West Virginia 1941-01-23