St. Louis, MO Flood, Aug 1915

Shortly before noon Mayor Kiel ordered Street Department trucks to take lifeboats from the city harbor boat to Maplewood to help in the work of rescue. All available city automobiles were hurried to the suburbs.

At noon one fire engine company in the extreme southern part of St. Louis had taken 115 persons from their homes.

A train stopped at Delmar station, near the city limits, but the water around the station was so high that firemen and street employes were called on to assist the marooned passengers. Ropes were tied about the rescuers to pull them through the current as they waded in.

Police stations received many telephone calls from persons who said they were marooned on the second floors of their homes. Many houses in the suburbs of Greenwood and Maplewood were completely surrounded by water, with only roofs and chimneys visible. From a distance, rescuers in skiffs could be seen taking the people from second story and attic windows.

The 500 residents of Benbow City and West Wood River were warned of the oncoming flood by two men on horseback, who, preceding the water by a few minutes, rode through the streets calling, "Run for your lives!"

The entire population of both towns sought refuge in the city of Wood River.

Four hundred employes of the Western Cartridge Company and the Equitable Powder Company in East Alton escaped the wall of rushing water. The property loss of these two plants alone was estimated at more than $200,000.

A Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis train, with seventy-five passengers, was caught between two streams of flood water and was stalled. Efforts to remove the passengers by boat were begun.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Aug 1915