St Louis, MO Storm, Jul 1912

ST. Louis Hard Hit

St. Louis, July 15--A cloudburst, reported the most destructive in many years, struck St. Louis and surrounding cities. The greatest damage was done at Alton, Ill., near the junction of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Loss is Over Million.

St. Louis, Mo., July 15.--Estimates place the property loss at one million dollars as result of rain and wind Sunday. In St. Louis 3.16 inches rain fell in one hour. Five persons were drowned at Alton, Ill.

Lightning Plays Havoc.

Lightning struck many buildings in St. Louis and surrounding cities. A bolt of lightning destroyed the main building of the East St. Louis Cotton Oil company at National City, Ill., two miles from East St. Louis. At Edwardsville, Ill., the storm caused approximately loss totaling $50,000. The heaviest loser there was the Banner Clay works, a St. Louis corporation. Charles Shaw’s one-year-old child went into convulsions from fright when the storm was at its height at the home in Mitchell, near Edwardsville, and died in a few minutes.

St. Louis Park is Flooded.

The flood conditions at Forest Park in St. Louis, according to the estimate of the park-keepers, are the worst in the last 18 years. All the lakes with the exception of Murphy lake and Music Park lake were overflowed in the storm and the water swept over the drives, carrying mud and debris, entailing loss estimated at several thousand dollars.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, 15 Jul 1912