Waynesville, MO Two Auto Collision, Apr 1965


Waynesville, Mo., April 17 (AP) - All the eight occupants of two cars were killed last night when they collided near the foot of a hill on U.S. 66.
Five of the victims were MR. and MRS. CECIL EDWARD WOODALL, of Fenton, Mo., a southwest suburb of St. Louis, and their three children - RICHARD, 14; SUSAN, 13; and MICHAEL, 9. JAMES D. MATHIS, 34, of Cedar Hill, another town on the southwest outskirts of the St. Louis metropolitan area, was riding with them.
The other two victims were training cadremen stationed at Fort Leonard Wood near Waynesville - LEONARD V. SHEPHERD, 33, and KENNETH W. BRADLEY, 25.

The Evening Sun Baltimore Maryland 1965-04-17