Bowling Green, MO Two Car Crash Kills Eight, July 1964


Leased Wire to The Register.
Bowling Green, Mo. - Eight persons were killed Sunday in the grinding, head-on crash of two cars, four miles east of Bowling Green in northeast Missouri.
The Missouri Highway Patrol said one of the victims, WILLIE WALKER, 45, of Milwaukee, Wis., was driving about 100 miles an hour when the crash occurred.
The patrol said WALKER had been arrested earlier Sunday near Mexico, Mo., on a speeding charge. He had been released on $51 bond.
WALKER'S car went out of control on a curve and smashed into an Illinois car carrying the seven other victims, the patrol said.
The patrol identified the dead, besides WALKER, as:
HAROLD W. MARSHALL, 48, of Kane, Ill., the driver;
his wife, CLARA, 47;
their daughter, JANICE, 24, of St. Louis;
a neighbor of the Marshalls, MRS. HERBERTA CRAWFORD, 34;
MRS. CRAWFORD'S two sons, DAVID, 4, and LAWRENCE, 14, and a friend of the Marshalls, CATHERINE GOODALL, 14, of Kane.

The Des Moines Register Iowa 1964-07-06