Boonville, MO Truck Overturns, Dec 1950


Boonville, Mo., Dec. 23 - (AP) - One soldier was killed and seven others injured when the truck in which they were going home for Christmas skidded on icy pavement and overturned five miles west of Boonville today.
The soldiers, all recruits from the 28th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company at Camp Carson, Colo., are from Illinois.
State Trooper J. E. Seeley said the truck, driven by MRS. LUCILLE MORRIS, 30, of East Prairie, Mo., overturned and rolled over an embankment. MRS. MORRIS is suffering from shock. Her husband, Sgt. MELVIN MORRIS, was riding in the cab of the truck and was uninjured.
The eight soldiers were riding in the back of the truck, covered by a tarpaulin. Killed was EDWARD MASSEY, 22, of Buncombe, Ill. The injured, taken to a Boonville hospital, were:
ROBERT HARRELL, 23, Mobden, Ill., back injuries.
ROBERT WHITE, 22, Anna, Ill., cuts and bruises.
JOHN E. SHELTON, 23, Cobden, Ill., cuts and bruises.
HAROLD KELLEY, 22, Anna, Ill., cuts and bruises.
LLOYD BRASEL, 22, Cobden, Ill., cuts and bruises.
WILLIAM BROWN, 22, Ullin, Ill., injuries not determined.
GLENARD FRICK, 22, Jonesboro, Ill., possible internal injuries.

Macon Chronicle Herald Missouri 1950-12-23