Glendale, MO Stock Train Wreck, Jul 1899


Bad Freight Smash-Up on C. & A. Near Famous Glendale.

KANSAS CITY, MO., July 13. -- A west bound freight train on the Chicago & Alton was wrecked yesterday morning two miles east of Glendale.  Eight or nine men and one woman were stealing a ride in an open stock car, with the result that five men were terribly injured and three men are dead.

It is believed that there is still another unknown buried at the bottom of the wreck, which consists of ten cars of merchandise, hogs and cattle.

The cattle cars were added to the train at Odessa, where it is believed that most of the men stealing a ride boarded the train.  One of the men taken dead from the wreck had a gold watch on his person and $28 in money.

Sedan Lance, Sedan, KS 20 July 1899