Newtown, MO Tornado, Apr 1899

Newtown, with a population of 750, in Sullivan County, thirty-five miles northeast of Kirksville, was visited by the same tornado [as hit Kirksville] a few minutes later and half destroyed. The duration of the storm at this place was only two minutes but its work was shocking. Herman Despers’ family of five persons, father, mother and three children, were all killed, William Hayes and his wife were blown with their house, a distance of one hundred yards and killed. Laban Evans was blown 150 yards and his two daughters 200 yards and all killed. One of the Desper children was found after the storm flattened against a post, dead. One of the Hayes children, two years old, was found lodged in an apple tree, dead. Four children of Henry Barbee were found alive and but slightly injured under the ruins of Widow Pierce’s house, their own house having blown off over their heads and the Pierce house blown from the other side of the street and deposited over them in such a way as to shelter them. Ten persons were killed and twenty-five injured at Newtown…

Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, A Compendium of History and Biography for Ready Reference. Vols. I-VI., 1901, vol 2, page 213


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