Mexico, MO Tornado, May 1896

A Cyclone Near Mexico, Mo.

Mexico, Mo., May 28.-A cyclone visited the northern part of Audrian county yesterday afternoon with death and destruction. The killed so far as known are: ELIZA WARE and daughter;
J. G. WARE, HILDA BLAZE, aged 6 years;
EULAH MILLER, 9 years;
ROSE HODGE, 6 years, and the
9-year-old son of Albert Knougle.

The fatally injured are: Eugene Lott, aged 7; Pearl Hodge, 8; and son of Frank Endel, 8. A number of others less seriously; physicians have gone to the scene. The damage done to the house and trees and crops is very great.

Many dwellings and other buildings were swept away. At Bean Creek, the school house was destroyed and scholars were killed and several injured. At the Dye school house four were killed and eighteen injured, the teacher, Miss Mary Blinco, fatally. Reports are still coming and no estimating of the loss of life and property is possible. The residence of George See, at High Hill, was demolished, and Mrs. See was killed. The children were injured.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 28 May 1896


Mexico, Mo., special. A cyclone swept across Audrain county Wednesday evening, doing great damage to crops and wrecking many buildings.... In the Bean creek district a school house was carried completely away, and a daughter of Joseph B. Ware, one of the pupils was killed, and Lulu Eubanks and Hilda Blase, also school children were fatally injured. Others along the route of the tornado in this district whose names cannot be learned are more or less injured. At Dye school house, six or eight miles further southeast, not a pupil escaped uninjured, and five children were killed outright, two dying later at this place. The school house was utterly demolished and several of the children were blown a great distance away, and were not found until several hours afterward, and then in a mutilated condition.

Progress Review, La Porte City, IA 6 Jun 1896