Kirksville, MO Tornado, Apr 1899

Kirksville, MO Tornado, Apr 1899 Kirksville, MO Tornado, Apr 1899

April 27, 1899, Kirksville, the county seat of Adair County, a city of 7,000 inhabitants, was visited by a tornado, which swept over and through the place about five o’clock in the afternoon, making a track about four blocks in width and a mile in length, killing 45 persons, injuring 150, and destroying 200 houses. Theodore Brigham was found dead on the ground several hundred feet from his house, having been carried off by the wind. An infant was carried some distance and gently deposited in a field without being injured. The house of J. T. Coonfield was blown across a ditch and jammed into the side of a hill, all its inmates escaping without serious injury. A girl sixteen years old was found dead with a two by four inch scantling thrust through her body, and a child was taken from a heap of ruins with a limb of a tree run through its neck.

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