St. Louis, MO Bomb Explosion Demolishes Two Houses, Dec 1928

Nitroglycerine Bomb Cause of $25,000 Damage

(By United Press)
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 24 – Bootleg or extortion ring vengeance was blamed by St. Louis police Monday for a violent nitroglycerine bomb explosion which Sunday night completely demolished two homes in the Italian district here with a property loss of more than $25,000.

Mrs. Hannah Clancy, 70 years old, suffered a broken ankle and severe shock when one of the homes collapsed. Gas mains were severed by the blast, windows were shattered for blocks around, and nearby sleepers were hurled from their beds. Authorities said it was the most powerful bomb ever encountered here.

Force of the explosion was so great that portions of the demolished building were hurled a distance of more than a block. Not a wall of the Bariala home was left standing.

Decatur Evening Herald, Decatur, IL 24 Dec 1928