Goldman, MO Governor Killed In Private Plane Crash, Oct 2000

Gov Mel Carnahan.jpg


Goldman, Mo. -- (AP) -- Gov. MEL CARNAHAN, the Democratic candidate in one of the most hotly contested U.S. Senate races in the country, was killed last night when the plane shuttling himto a campaign rally crashed in rainy, foggy weather.
The Cessna 335, was carrying three individuals.
The Pilot ROGER CARNAHAN, 44, son of Gov. Carnahan.
Governor MEL CARHAHAN, 66.
CHRIS SIFFORD, 36, campaign advisor.
It crashed 25 miles south of St. Louis. They had been en route to a rally for Mr. Carnahan, 66, who was engaged in a heated battle with Republican Sen. John Ashcroft.
There were no survivors, Jerry Nachtigal, the governor's spokesman, said. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were expected to arrive today in St. Louis.
"We found wreckage in very small pieces spread over a large area. We have found some remains we cannot identify at this point," said Capt. Ed Kemp of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.
Catherine Hanaway, Missouri coordinator for the Bush-Cheney campaign, said discussions were under way about whether tonight's final presidential debate, in St. Louis, should be postponed or canceled.

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