Independence, MO Town Fire, Mar 1860



Independence, Mo., Friday, March 30 -- 2 A.M.
A fire broke out here at about 11 o'clock last night, which thus far has consumed nearly the whole south side of the City, and should the wind continue or increase, it is feared that the west side will also be destroyed. Among the buildings burned are the Independence Hotel, two drug stores, ten or twelve business houses, and several dwellings. The loss thus far cannot be less than $100,000, and the fire is still raging.

Second Dispatch.
The fire of last night broke out in the drug store of JAMES BECKHAM, on the southeast corner of the public square, and in spite of all the exertions to stop it, it progressed until it destroyed every house on the east side and several dwellings in the immediate vicinity. The wind was blowing a gale at the time, and large flakes of fire were carried half a mile, several times setting fire to houses that distance from the conflagration. At least twenty substantial buildings were burned. The probable loss is about $150,000. The following are some of the losers:
JAMES BECKHAM, $12,500. Insured.
J. ROBINSON, $2,500. No Insurance.
ROBINSON & NORRIS, $1,000. No Insurance.
DR. LATHMORE, $1,500. Insured, $300.
J. F. NORRIS, $1,000. No Insurance.
W. & C. N. THOMAS, $5,000. No Insurance.
MR. SAMPSON, $5,000. Insured, $1,500.
J. & J. SALDONELLS, $2,000. No Insurance.
MR. SALDONELL'S residence was also consumed, upon which there was an insurance of $3,000.
LANGHAM & McCLANAHAN and D. W. McCLANAHAN each lose largely, but the amount if not known. The house of MR. RODWALDS, which was also consumed, was valued at $20,000. Altogether the fire is the largest and most destructive that has ever occurred in our city.

Third Dispatch.
St. Joseph, Mo., Friday, March 30.
The fire at Independence yesterday was not so disastrous as at first supposed. The amount of loss and insurance is not yet ascertained.

The New York Times New York 1860-03-31