Long Beach, MS train accident, Jan 1910


George Tarleton, prominent here as a lumber exporter, came near losing his life while trying to board a moving passenger train this morning at Long Beach. Mr. Tarleton arrived, it seems at the station just as the L. & N. No. 5 was moving off, and while running to board it, he collided with a baggage truck, his lower limbs being thrown under the coach. Like a flash, the engineer was signaled to apply the brakes, which he did, the wheels of the coach under which the unfortunate man fell, becoming rigid at once.

When the locked wheels reached the body of the prostrate man, he was drageed for several feet but unhurt. Other than the soreness incident to the ordeal through which the lumberman passed, he is all right.

Mr. Tarleton is a very heavy man and his escape was nothing short of marvellous. Those who saw the accident say that both of the man's legs were across the track and thatthe wheels of the car instead of running over them seemed to push them to one side. Mr. Tarleton's money and contents of his pockets were scattered beside the track as he rolled along the platform.

The Gulfport Daily Herald, Gulfport, MS 24 Jan 1910