Macon, MS Tornado, Apr 1880


Memphis, April 26 - A special from Macon, Mississippi says last night a fearful furious cyclone struck the northern part of this place resulting in a sad loss of life and wholesale destruction of property. The day had been unusually sultry. At the hour stated two terrible currents of air one from the northeast and the other from the southwest bearing clouds charged with electricity were hurled together right at the fated locality. Right in the center of that part of the town around the railroad station the storms met and the work of destruction commenced. Through the night squads of men combined went to work to remove the debris gathered up wounded dying and dead that were scattered everywhere The scene beggars all human attempts at description To day citizens have closed their places of business and are devoting the day to caring for the dead and wounded. Eighteen were killed outright and forty more or less wounded some perhaps fatally After the storm some of the ruins caught fire but it was checked before spreading to any extent About ten o'clock a perfect water spout visited the scene to render it more horrible Men and women were found today decapitated their limbs torn from their bodies and otherwise mutilated a quarter of a mile from their homes The stock was all killed in that vicinity.

Are MR. and MRS. JAS HORTON, MATTIE JOHNNIE and JAMES HORTON - a whole family MRS JAS EPPS CHARLIE EPPS JAS EPPS MISS SOPHRONIA RAMSEY CICERO MOSS and three others so badly mutilated that recognition is impossible In addition to the above named who are white four colored were killed.

Twenty three persons were seriously injured The loss is variously estimated at from $226,000 to $200,000.

The Burlington Weekly Hawkeye, Burlington, IA 29 Apr 1880


Meridian, Miss Apr 26 - A heavy storm passed over Macon Mississippi last night blowing away twenty two houses including the M & O railroad machine chops round house depot telegraph office and the master mechanics office Sixteen cars were blown from the track seventeen persons killed and twenty two wounded The loss of property is estimated at not less than $100,000 Meridian was called on to send physicians and six or eight have gone from here to attend the suffering

The Burlington Weekly Hawkeye, Burlington, IA 29 Apr 1880