Hernando, MS Female College Fire, Jan 1860

Jan 2, 1860

FEMALE COLLEGE BURNED.----At Hernando, (Miss.,) the Female College this day was burned to the ground. The fire originated in the apartments occupied by a young lady boarder as a bedroom, about eleven o'clock at night, and made such rapid progress that a portion of the scientific apparatus and part of a very valuable library were consumed. Several of the young lady pupils-so fierce was the conflagration---were somewhat inured by the flames: and the Principal had his hand severely burned in endeavoring to remove the furniture, &c. from the building. A large quantity of clothing belonging to the pupils, the furniture, &c., was burned: and the loss cannot fall short of $15,000 or $20,000.

Vincent's Semi-annual United States Register, Jan-Jun 1860 page 6