Jasper County, MS Tornado Destruction, Oct 1858


A terrible tornado occurred in East Mississippi on the night of the 20th and 30th ult. It occurred about 4 o'clock, P.M., and passed through the western portion of Jasper County. In its course it struck the plantation of JOSIAH MOODY, and the report that reaches us is that every house was swept completely away, and their fragments scattered far along the whirlwind's path, and with them almost the entire family swept into eternity. Of thirteen persons in the house at the time, the lifeless and mangled bodies of nine were picked up by the neighbors who assembled the next morning. Some of these were carried a great distance along its track by the awful power of the storm. Two others, the wife of MR. MOODY and his little daughter, were found alive, but so severely wounded that no hope was entertained of their recovery. But one of MR. MOODY'S family, a little girl, escaped, who is expected to survive, but with considerable injuries.

The New York Times New York 1858-11-13