Victoria, MS Passenger Train Derails, Oct 1925


Sunnyland, Frisco Pasenger[sic] Train, in Ditch With Many Casualties.


One Oklahoma Woman Reported Killed; Relief Train To Scene.

(By The Associated Press)
Memphia, Tenn., October 27 -- Twenty dead and more than 30 injured is the known toll taken when the Sunnyland, fast San Francisco passenger train, left the rails near Victoria, Miss., and rolled a tangled mass, down a 40 foot embankment.
At least 20 persons were killed outright or died before a relief train could reach the scene and possibly twice that number were injured.
The train traveled about 50 or 60 miles and[sic] hour, apparently spread the track about 300 yards from the station and bout 200 feet from a 40 foot trestle. The engine crossed the trestle as did the first baggage car. The engine did not leave the track. Three baggage cars and 9 day coaches and Pullmans made up the train.
All of the cars except the last Pullman rolled down the 40 foot embankment.
H. B. HERRING, engineer, said the first intimation he had of the impending wreck was when he heard the air connection between the tender and the baggage car snap.
"As I looked back, I saw my train telescope and crash down the embankment." At the time the train, according to the engineer's statement, was traveling at between 45 and 50 miles an hour and had passed the station in Victoria at 6:35 a.m., about 2 minutes late. The engine did not leave the tracks.
Passengers who escaped from the tumbling cars stopped all passing vehicles on the roads and commandeered them for rescue work. In a short time a crowd had gathered and as the injured were taken from the wreckage, they were wrapped in bedding and carried to the station.
All available ambulances and doctors from Memphis and towns near Victoria, were pressed into service as quickly as victims were taken from the wreckage, they were taken to Memphia for treatment. The dead and dying were taken to Memphia for treatment. The dead and dying were taken to a nearby school house, converted into a temporary hospital.

Memphis, Oct. 27 -- Sixteen persons were killed and between 25 and 30 injured, when the Sunnyland fast St. Louis-San Francisco railroad train, north bound, Birmingham to Memphis, was derailed near Victoria, Miss., according to reports received at the office of the railroad here.
The cause of the wreck had not been determined at that hour and reports of the accident still were incomplete.
A partial list of the dead gathered from several sources contained the names of six persons from southern states.
The dead included: J. W. RYAN, conductor, Memphis; O. O. JORDON, Carroldton, Ga.; FAY JORDAN, 8, Ninekah, Okla.; JOHN M. JORDAN, Ninekah, Okla.; MISS OLLIE WEBSTER, Oxford, Miss.; DR. H. G. HATHORN, Tupelo, Miss.; J. BURNETT, news agent; FLOYD WAGNER, Tupelo, Miss.
The injured included: MRS. BESSIE JORDAN, Ninekah, Okla., cut and possibly internally injured; ARTHUR JORDAN, 10, Ninekah, Okla.; cuts and bruises; YOUNG JORDAN, 12, Ninekah, Okla., cuts and bruises.
Relief trains were sent from Memphis and physicians and nurses were hurried from Amory and Holly Springs, Miss., to the scene of the wreck, which occurred in an isolated section about a mile and a half from Victoria. Ambulances also were sent from this city.

The Ada Evening News Oklahoma 1925-10-27


Taken from The Bee Danville Virginia 1925-10-27
Partial List Of The Dead:
J. W. RYAN, conductor, Memphis.
O.O. JORDAN, Carrolton, Ga.
MRS. O. O. JORDAN, Carrolton, Ga.
FAY JORDAN, 8 years old, Ninekah, Okla.
JOHN M. JORDAN, Ninekah, Okla.
P. J. SANDY, brakeman, Amory, Miss.
YONGUE JORDAN, 12, Carrolton, Ga.
ARTHUR JORDAN, 10, Carrolton, Ga.
Most Severely Injured:
MRS. BESSIE JORDAN, 40, Ninekah, Okla.; cut and possibly internal injuries.
B. HOGAN, Emory, Mississippi; both legs broken.
M. A. KELLY, 27, Memphhis; both legs broken and back wrenched.
LOUIS W. HEINRICH, 32, Russellville, Ark.; severe bruises and back wrenched.
J. C. CHAMPION, 70, Winfield, Ala.; several bruises and cuts about the body.
MRS. J. C. CHAMPION, 65, Winfield; several bruises and cuts about the body.
THEODORE FULBRIGHT, 30, Batesville, Ark.; bruises about the body and back wrenched.
H. J. KELLETT, 18, Williford; collar bone broken, back wrenched.
CECIL BOSSOTI, 50, Okalone, Miss.; status unknown.
FRANK, ANDERSON, Hollywood, Tenn.
DAVID McDOWELL, Batesville, Miss.
ANDY MINOR, Batesville, Miss.
J. S. THOMPSON, SR., Tupelo, Miss.
A. G. WORLEY, Pensacola, Fla.


John Silas Thompson and his son Jake Thompson

My second great grandfather was John Silas Thompson and his son Jake Thompson both died as a result of the Victoria, MS train wreck in 1925 ... I would love any old photos or info from this wreck... or of John Silas and or his son Jake Thompson (my great grand uncle) anyone having more info please contact me....