Yazoo City, MS Fire, May 1904



Fire Raged All Day in the Mississippi City, Every Business House Being Consumed---Loss Is Two Millions. Militia Ordered Out to Protect Property.

[By Associated Press]

JACKSON, Miss., May 25.---With every business house of importance in ashes, together with a large number of private residences, the principal hotel and passenger depot, Yazoo City, a town of 6,000 people, forty-five miles from Jackson, tonight is resting after one of the most exciting days in its history. The fire started at 8:30 this morning and burned until 5 o'clock this afternoon, destroying a total of two hundred houses. The burned district is three blocks wide and twelve blocks long. The estimated loss is $2,000,000.

Water Supply Failed.

The city is putting in a new system of water works, and the old system, which had wooden mains, was wholly inadequate to meet the demand. Pipes bursted[sic] all over the city, and it was impossible to get the water even to the first floor of buildings. The fire started in the residence of Mr. Wise, and is believed to have been due to defective electrical wiring. A man named Chambliss was killed by falling walls, and Mayor Holmes was badly hurt.

This afternoon Governor Vandaman ordered out the Greenwood Military Company, directing them to protect property in Yazoo City. He and Adjutant-General Eldridge followed on the next train, and are there tonight doing what they can to relieve the situation.

Banks succeeded in saving their money and securities. Government funds in the postoffice also were saved.

The Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 26 May 1904