Hughes Siding, MS Train Wreck, Nov 1901


Result of Head-End Collision on the Louisville and Nashville at Hughes Siding, Miss.

Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 21.---The result of a head-end collision between a Louisville and Nashville southbound freight train and a northbound freight train at Hughes Siding, seven miles from this city, at 10 o'clock this morning, four men are dead and seven are hurt.

The impact was terrific. Travel on the road had been delayed five hours as the result of the accident.

The dead:

T. A. GOGDILL, engineer.
J. C. FITTENBERRY, conductor.
WILLIAM PENN, (colored), brakeman.
ANDERSON IRVING (colored), fireman.

The injured:

M. H. Everin, conductor;
W. F. Shannon, conductor;
C. Shannon, flagman;
W. H. Hughes, coal inspector;
Preston Pearce, (colored), fireman;
Frank Fancher, (colored), brakeman;
Robert Christian, (colored), brakeman.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Nov 1901