Beaumont, MS Train Wreck, Jan 1905


Mobile, Ala. Jan 12 - Passenger train No 4, northbound, which left Mobile
over the Mobile, Jackson and Kansas City railroad at 6:47 yesterday
afternoon, ran into a washout four miles south of Beaumont, Miss, and the engine, baggage and passenger coaches were overturned. General Passenger and Freight Agent L.B. Sullivan, who was riding on the engine, was instantly killed. Engineer W. A. Craswford and Fireman J. Young (colored), both of Mobile were seriously scalded. R. G. Boykin, porter, of Mobile, was seriously injured and may die.

Mr. Sullivan was on an inspecting trip over the road and this was the reason he was riding on the engine. He was formerly with the Cincinnati and Mobile in the capacity of cheif clerk in the office of the general freight agent.

Four years ago he went with the Mobile, Jackson and Kansas City. He was 33 years old and leaves his mother and a sister in Trenton, Tenn.

The wreck was occasioned by heavy rains that fell yesterday afternoon and last night in that vicinity. The train was going thirty miles an hour.

Birmingham News, Birmingham, AL 12 Jan 1905