Raymond, MS Transmission Tower Collapse, Oct 1997

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Raymond, Miss. - (AP) - A nearly 2,000-foot TV transmission tower twisted and toppled Thursday, sending three workers to their deaths.
The victims were apparently working on the cables anchoring the WLBT tower.
The cause of the accident was not immediately known. The weather was calm.
"It's just a big twisted mass of wreckage," said Kathy Hickey, who lives nearby. "It doesn't look anything like a tower."
She said the accident "sounded like a train or an airplane coming through my house" and made the ground shake.
Most of the 31-year-old structure - one of the tallest TV towers in the country - toppled toward a cow pasture, sparing the few homes nearby.
In addition to WLBT, Jackson's NBC affiliate, the tower served Mississippi Educational Television, a radio station and communications for various state and federal agencies.
"Most stations in the country are having to re-string guy wires because of FCC requirements," said Dennis Smith, WLBT news director.

San Bernardino County Sun California 1997-10-24