Hernando, MS Tornado, Nov 1900


Twenty-eight Lives Lost, and the Death List Growing.

Memphis, Nov. 22.----Advices received from the storm swept sections of Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee indicate that the loss of life and damage to property is far greater than at first reported. the difficulties in the way of securing information from the divested section are almost insurmountable. The places affected are remote and isolated, and at best they are not well equipped with means of communication.

In Mississippi the greatest loss of life and damage to property occurred near Tunisia, Lulu and Hennando. The tornado's devastation was so great that it will take weeks to calculate and repair it. Five negroes lost their lives on Hamlin Place. More than 50 negroes are missing, and it is feared that several of them have perished.

At Hernando a white man was killed and a negro fatally injured by flying debris. Numerous sawmills, several residences and hundreds of negro cabins were blown away. At Love Station J. S. Doney, a white man, was crushed by flying debris.

The News, Frederick, MD 22 Nov 1900


Moving northeastward from Savage, the storm leveled fifty farm buildings before it reached Arkabutla, nine miles away. Skirting Arkabutla, the wind swept through the hills and struck Hernando, where four stores stood and one a four-story brick structure, were crushed. Fire broke out in the wreckage and destroyed what remained of the buildings. One of the timbers of the wrecked buildings was carried a half mile through the air and smashed through the roof of the county courthouse.

Galveston Daily News, Galveston, TX Nov 1900