Oxford, MS Terrible Train Wreck At Trestle, Feb 1870



Memphis, Feb. 26. - A report reached here last night of a fearful disaster on the Mississippi Central Railroad, near Oxford, but nothing could be learned last night owing to the fact that the railroad wire was the only telegraph wire connecting with Oxford, and it was controlled by the railroad officials.
Passengers from Granada this morning state that the regular mail train for New Orleans ran through a bridge below Oxford, yesterday afternoon, smashing the express, baggage and four passenger cars.
They report that fifteen dead bodies have been taken from the wreck. Among them, McDONALD, the road master, Conductor ADAMS, A. J. McCONICO, treasurer of the road, his son SAMUEL McCONICO, and five ladies whose names could not be ascertained.
COL. SAM TATE, the President of the Board, is reported as having his leg broken. The excursion train of General Freight Agents and guests, among whom was MR. J. W. SIMONTON, General Agent of the New York Associated Press, and GEN. ANSON STAGER, General Superintendent of the Western Union Telegraph Company, and their families, failed to connect at Humboldt, and thus escaped the disaster.
The excursion train was following the mail train, being some two hours behind.

Grenada, Miss., Feb. 26. - The Southern bound mail train fell through a trestle two miles south of Oxford, at about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Fourteen persons were killed and a great many wounded. The wounded and killed were taken to Water Valley Station this morning. Have not been able to ascertain the names of the killed, as the wires were badly broken by the falling cars. Two ladies were killed.
The Northern bound train on Mississippi Central Road ran off the track south of Grenada at 10 o'clock last night. The sleeping car was thrown from the track and rolled down an embankment, but no one was seriously hurt.

Water Valley, Miss., Feb. 26. - The following additional particulars of the accident on the Mississippi Central Railroad have been received. There were five cars precipitated through the Buckner Trestle, two miles south of Oxford, Miss., by which fifteen or twenty lives were lost and from fifty to sixty wounded.
The following are the list of the killed:
G. W. McDONALD, Roadmaster, Bolivar, Tenn.
T. B. HARRIS, N.C., en route to Texas.
T. J. COVINGTON, Woodbury, Tenn.
L. C. MOREHOUSE, Elkhart, Miss.
S. W. COON, Ill.
R. B. MOORE, Evington, Ill.
THOMAS WATSON, emigrant.
MRS. ANN TURNER, Glasgow, Scotland.
A woman unknown and two children and two colored brakemen.
W. TALIAFERRO, all of Water Valley.
SAM FRAZIER, Nashville.
C. R. BOYD, La.
H. C. McCARTER, Route Agent, Jackson, Tenn.
S. LEHMAN, Jackson, Miss.
S. J. P. McDOWELL, Texas.
C. HILDEBRAND, Illinois.
CAPT. A. B. SCHELL, Louisville, Ky.
JAMES MOORE, colored.
W. J. BERRYMAN, wife and child, from Glasgow, Scotland.
A lady, name unknown, going to Texas.
An emigrant family of ten or twelve persons, all more or less injured.
The wounded are being well cared for by the citizens of Oxford and Water Valley. The bodies of most of the killed were sent to Oxford. There are many others injured whose names have not yet been ascertained - mostly emigrants.

Oxford, Miss., Feb. 26. - COL. SAM TATE was nearly suffocated under the mass of passengers thrown upon him, but he is now comfortable.
The special train from Louisville was only half an hour behind the wrecked train, with a large party of Northern and Western railroad men, with their ladies, and a few passengers. The party are all safe, and assisted in succoring the victims of the wreck. The wounded were chiefly brought to Oxford, where citizens proffered every assistance possible.
The Southern bound passengers will proceed today.

The Times-Picayune New Orleans Louisiana 1870-03-05