McComb, MS Tornado, Jan 1975

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McComb, Miss. (AP) -- A tornado ripped a two-mile swath through McComb Friday, leveling businesses and homes, shredding trees and injuring more than 100 persons.
Officials said four persons died in McComb and three others in a nearby rural area. They originally said 10 persons had died in the most fierce of a series of tornadoes which lashed the statea between 8 and 10 a.m. Friday.
Three persons were reported dead on arrival at a local medical center, and another at a McComb funeral home. Officials said an elderly man and a mother and her daughter were killed near the small Ruth community north of McComb.
Hospital officials said 101 of McComb's 12,000 residents were treated for injuries with 10 admitted for continuing treatment here and seven sent to other hospitals. Two of those admitted here were listed in critical condition.
Identities of the dead were not immediately available.
The storm system which spawned the McComb tornado sent another twister thundering past the nearby Summit community. There, the North Pike Elementary School was damaged severely as 350 students huddled in the hallways, carrying out a tornado drill that saved most of them from injury.
Other tornadoes struck in an elbow-shaped path extending north from McComb to Jackson, 90 miles to the south, then across to Columbus in northeast Mississippi. Considerable property damage was reported in several areas.
"The tornado made a path all the way through the city .. about two miles," said William Hewitt, assistant administrator for the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in McComb.
"It started at about the southwest portion and went out through the northeast. I heard the wind. A man came running and said a tornado is coming. The lights went out and it passed about 100 yards to the east of us."
The funnel missed the hospital, but dipped into the Southwest Mall shopping center across the street as its stores were preparing to open. One end of the center was demolished.
The tornado flattened the city's National Guard Armory, then rumbled through the fashionable residential section of McComb's north side.
The tornadoes sprang from a general weather system that released other twisters in Texas and Louisiana.
In Louisiana, a total of nine persons were hospitalized with injuries and there was at least one weather releated death. Officials had earlier reported at least two dead.
One teenage boy on his way to school in the Baton Rouge area was killed when a power line fell on him. And one crewman was missing from a tug which capsized on Lake Pontchartrain.
In Summit, Miss., the superintendent of the North Pike Elementary School said three students and four adults were injured, none seriously, when the storm "demolished about 90 per cent of the building."
"I was standing in the window watching it," said J. B. Pray. "We lost three school buses that were demolished, and a half dozen autos turned over."
Three other schools, one in Summit, one near the damaged shopping center in McComb and another in the Plantersville community in Lee County, suffered wind damage, but there were no injuries reported.
A funnel cloud was sighted over Columbus Air Force Base at Columbus in northeastern Mississippi, and high winds downed power lines and knocked two radio stations off the air in Columbia, in the state's southcentral sector.

Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1975-01-11




I would love to have a copy

I would love to have a copy of that book. I've looked everywhere and cant find one. Please let me know if you print more.

McComb MS Tornado January 10 1975

The tornado hit The North Pike Elementary School I was in the second grade in Mrs.Fischers class We were all in our homerooms drinking our Chocolate Milk and talking to each other Our teacher was in the back of the classroom by the windows i nooticed that it was really dark like night time Then it happened so fast I was traapped inside the classroom i dont know who hand I was holding but next thing i knew we were in the Highway I got cut under my lefted eye by flying glass When it cleared up we got on a bus and went to The High School Gym Mom came and got me and took me to the ER at the Hosiptal God was with us all that we made it out alive i will never never forget that scary morning

My Aunt worked at Roses and

My Aunt worked at Roses and was in the building when it hit. She survived the tornado.

1975 City of McComb tornado book

My parents owned Modern-Bonney Printing Co. and printed the paperback book on the 1975 tornado that devastated McComb. Perhaps someday I'll look into producing more copies.


It cloaked my dad's life. Post pix please.

North Pike Elementary Tornado 1/10/1975

I was in the second grade at North Pike Elementary School when the Tornado hit our school do u have any pictures of the school

January 10, 1975 McComb Tornado

I ran across a book recently that we purchased many many years ago. It's called "January 10, 1975 A day to remember.....A day to forget." and has the story and pictures of that horrible day.

Inside the book, it said additional copies can be purchased through Specialty Services 106 N. Broadway McComb, Ms. 39648.

I don't know if you will get this or not... But this book is full of information and pictures.


tornado of 75

you should post your pics on facebook. i was NPES about 2nd or 3rd grade when it hit us.

Direct hit from tornado in McComb Jan 10, 1975

We lived on Virginia Avenue on that fateful day on January 10, 1975. My husband and two children just left for work and school and I was alone with my toddler. I was cleaning up after our breakfast together and noticed a hard rain coming in. It was an unusually warm morning and I had the glass sliding doors open and my toddler was peering out at the rain. I closed the glass doors and curtains, as I feared lightening would glance off the water on the patio. When I went to the kitchen sink to wash dishes, I saw the huge pine trees bowed over then engulfed in an ominous darkness. I froze in fear and felt a hand on my shoulder that pushed me to scoop up my little baby boy and got into the interior hallway and closed the doors. My baby was crying as he could feel my fear, so I forced myself to calm down for him as I crouched with my arms protecting him as best as I could. In the room behind me I heard only a faint tinkle, tinkle, as I thought of the glass doors breaking. When all was quiet and I opened the door to the room we were just in, I was shocked at the sight of the glass doors broken and everything in the room violently swirled around. I then went to the bedroom that faced the next door neighbor. The house had only one wall remaining with the wall phone dangling by the cord. The neighbor had gone to her basement and looked up from her stairwell to see the sky. Our VW camper was pulled up into the tree next door, but left behind several items that were unbroken or mysteriously altered. A leather tool pouch, tied securely, under a seat in the camper was found in our yard, still tied together, but missing the tools. A glass item was pulled out and laid gently beside the brick wall of our home, unbroken. In the family room the fish tank was broken and the water and plants in the room froze within a short time, as the unusually warm weather turned extremely cold. I will always remember the neighbors helping and supporting each other as we pulled our lives together. But most of all, I remember throughout all the disaster, no one complained about their material losses. Everyone was grateful that most escaped serious harm, and we embraced our families with a renewed appreciation of our deep love.