Biloxi, MS Fire, Nov 1900 - Aftermath


Echoes From the Great Conflagration Friday

Many Notes Of More Or Less Interest.

Preparations Being Made For New Buildings.

Ruins Being Searched For Valuables And Relics.

A Decided Rise Reported In House Rent.

There will be plenty of work for mechanics for the next few weeks.

The Herald is informed that there was any amount of pilfering and looting going on Friday amongst the effects and valuables of those who became the victims of the devouring element. Any person who would engage in such a despicable occupation upon such a distressing occasion, is nothing less than a human ghoul, who should receive the direst punishment possible upon detection. He is no better than a murderer or a despoiler of female virtue. Some heavy losses have been reported at the hand of these should, and it is to be hoped that an effort may be made to ferret the guilty parties out, and bring them to the punishment they so richly deserve.

Quite a number of water-pipes were still turned on in the burned district yesterday, allowing much of what was scarce Friday morning to go to waste.

The heaviest individual sufferer in Friday’s conflagration was Mr. L. Lopez, Sr., whose actual loss was not less than $80,000, but that gentleman was in no way discouraged or dismayed by the misfortune that befell him, but on the other hand he accepted the situation in a most philosophical and matter-of-fact manner. Mr. Lopez says it is his intention at the earliest possible time to undertake the work of replacing the handsome structures destroyed with buildings no less ornamental and creditable his energy, enterprise and pure spirit. It is a very great pity that Biloxi has not a bust of such citizens as Mr. Lopez, who has the greatest faith in his adopted city, and indicates his faith by his works.

But two telephones were lost during the fire Friday morning, but it took active work to get the boxes out. As the lines were nearly in working order yesterday.

The Hook and Ladder Company had two ladders burned up, but they are ready for another fire as they are only slightly crippled.

Some very wild and wooly reports were sent out from Biloxi Friday; not the least being the destruction of the Herald office and the several hotels along the beach. The Herald office is still here and so are the hotels reported burned.

The ruins were still smoking yesterday, while they were being searched by parties for what could be found.

There are many to tell you how the fire could have been stopped, but they are talking principally “through their hats.”

John Kennedy was yesterday preparing to open up at the old station, an improvised “shack,” until a new building can be erected on the site of the old saloon. It is probably L. Fayard will reopen the old West End saloon in the same manner.

The King’s Daughters are doing a noble work in relieving the distress amongst the poor victims of the recent fire, and should be encouraged to their labors.

The collector of customs, Hon. John P. Warworth, has turned over to the King’s Daughters, for their relief work, the result of a recent bet-$10 in amount. That was generous on his part.

The occupants of the Reynoir building at the corner of Reynoir and Jackson Streets, was T. A. Wakefield and family, and his brother-in-law and family, and not Weaver, as was reported.

The Herald regrets to hear that there has been a decided advance in house rents in consequence of the destruction of so many houses by fire. This is a notable hardship on the poorer classes whose homes were destroyed.

L. K. [illegible] considerable work [illegible] the morning of the fire.

L. Lopez & Co., were ready for business [illegible] than 12 [illegible]. They cannot be downed.

Eugene Bakerer, the newsman is irrepressible, and will probably be ready for business today in a news depot he has erected where his establishment went up in smoke Friday morning.

There were several slight accidents Friday morning, but nobody, fortunately was badly injured.

Steps are being taken it is said for the immediate erection of a new Catholic church in this city.

Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS 11 Nov 1900