Biloxi, MS Fire, Nov 1900 - Swept by Flames, part 2

An effort was made this morning to secure a full list of the properties destroyed, together with the individual losses and amounts of insurance, but this as an almost impossible task, as both owners and occupants were scattered, or had not recovered from the awful shock sustained, and it was found impossible to secure all the necessary information. In the list annexed we cover the ground just as nearly as is possible at this time. Commencing with the building in which the fire started, ‘we will give or attempt to give, the names of the owners and occupants, together with the losses obtainable:

Wareroom of W. J. Kennedy, used by him.
Conner’s restaurant and barber shop, Mrs. Durand owner; loss on building $400, no insurance; loss on barber shop, $350, no insurance.
Kennedy’s saloon, loss between $7000 and $8000; insurance on building, $1250; on saloon fixtures and stock, $2000.
On billiard hall adjoining, owned by Kennedy, adjoining, occupied by Abley, insurance $500; Abley’s loss total.
House occupied by Joseph Sherry, belonging to Kennedy, no insurance.
A. Cuipella, owned and occupied by him.
Smith’s stable; contents saved.
Orleans Hotel, owned by Chipella, and occupied by H. Sabrio.
Warehouse of L. Lopez & Co., filled with merchandise and also the stables of the firm.
Depot of the Louisville and Nashville railroad; most of the valuable contents saved.
Large building owned by C. S. Clairborne and occupied as Galy’s restaurant.
Building owned by Fred Querens and unoccupied.
Building owned by Pat Sullivan, of New Orleans, and unoccupied.
Store owned by Fred Querens and occupied by D. J. Venus.
E. Bakeler’s news depot, owned and occupied by him.
E. Bakeler, residence, occupied by him.
Nielsen property, occupied as a tailor shop by S. Simon.
Nielsen property, owned and occupied by him.
Namius property, unoccupied.
T. P. Dulion & Co.’s warehouse, filled with valuable merchandise of firm.
All the above constitute all the buildings on both sides of Reynoir street from the depot to Howard avenue. All being totally destroyed.

On the north side of Howard avenue east:

Store of L. Lopez & Co., corner.
Residence of L. Lopez, Sr., estimated value $15,000.
Residence of Nat Bolton, owned by Mrs. Durand; loss estimated at $300.
L & N bakery, owned by Mrs. Durand; occupied by Lamm & Clark.
Howard Avenue east, south side:
W. P. Kennedy’s drug store and building owned by L. Lopez, Sr., and occupied by Kennedy’s drug store; barber shop of A. St. Amant, who saved his fixtures, but lost household effects; offices of J. H. Neville, Esq., who lost his law library; Capt. J. H. Miller, real estate agent, whose loss was total; Dr. W. O. Talbot, dentist, who lost everything, and W. H. Keyser & Co., who save some of their valuable records.
Two frame buildings belonging to L. Lopez, and occupied by H. Eikel as a tailor shop, and N. Henzelena as a furniture store.
Fruit stand belonging to Mrs. Durand.
The latter structures were demolished to prevent the spread of the flames.

Howard Avenue, west of Reynoir Street, south side:

West end Saloon, owned by Mrs. Voivedich and occupied by L. Fayard; loss on stock $1,500 to $1,800; also residence of Mrs. Voivedich and occupied by Ducasse.

North side Howard Avenue, west of Reynoir:

Thompson estate, occupied by J. A. Johns as furniture store.
Thompson & Eisteter, occupied by Navaro, painter.
The Catholic Church.
On Fayard Street, north of Howard avenue:
Row of small building owned by Nielsen and tenanted principally by negroes.
Owned by Ollie Thompson and occupied by him.

Continued in part 3, below