Cass Lake, MN canoe accident and drowning, Aug 1908


S. Thayer Bass and and Unknown Companion Perish When Canoe Capsizes.

(News Tribune Special.)

CASS LAKE, Minn., Aug 31. - Two men, S. Thayer and an unknown companion were drowned in the lake here last evening. Relatives unknown at present time. Bass has an office at 420 Germania Life building, St. Paul, while his companion is in some way connected with the New England Furniture company in Minneapolis. Both were members of the Pal Upallom fraternity. Bass left Tower Aug. 3, traveling down the Mississippi in a canoe. He was joined at Turtle river about 25 miles from here a day or so ago by his companion and they traveled in a canoe to this place, camping last night in Cass Lake. They came to town this morning and had dinner with E. S. Oakley, register of the United States land office at this place, when they left here they started for Cass river which is about nine miles from here. When about three quarters of a mile from the dock a heavy gale blew up and A. S. Williams noticed they were in peril. Entering a launch he started for the rescue but when he arrived at the scene about five minutes later the men had gone to the bottom and the canoe with the guns, tent and provisions were picked up. Local people will begin dragging the lake early in the morning to try and find the bodies.

The Duluth News - Tribune, Duluth, MN 1 Sept 1908

Remains of Men Who Drowned Sunday Found and Shipped to the Twin Cities.

(News Tribune Special.)

CASS LAKE, Minn., Sept. 2. - The bodies of S. Thayer Bass of St. Paul and William Harris of Minneapolis, who were drowned here last Sunday, were found today. The body of Bass was found about 9 a. m. and that of Harris some hours later. The body of Bass was found in about 20 feet of water near where the boat capsized. Harris was found about 100 feet from where Bass was found. Local people, accompanied by Duluth and Stillwater parties, have been diligently dragging with hooks and grappling irons without ceasing until the bodies were recovered. The bodies were taken to the E. F. Miskella's undertaking rooms, embalmed and prepared for shipment. The bodies will be shipped to St. Paul and Minneapolis on the night train accompanied by Harris' father and relatives of Bass. Harris' father and relatives of Bass who are here say that no one could do more by way of assistance or sympathy with them than Cass Lake people have.

The Duluth News - Tribune, Duluth, MN 3 Sept 1908