Cass Lake, MN Boys Fall Through Ice and Drown, Nov 1908


While Skating on Pond They Break Through Ice - Bodies Are Recovered.

(News Tribune Special.)

CASS LAKE, Minn., Nov. 22. - Albert Gamache and one Dupont were drowned in a small lake about two miles from here late yesterday afternoon while skating. Gamache and Dupont, who are both about 18 years of age, started to go skating in the afternoon and as they did not return at dark search was made and neither could be found. The earch was continued until daylight this morning when the young men were found in about four feet of water. They had made a despirate effort to get out, have broken considerable ice in their efforts until their feet got stuck in the muddy bottom. Both were found close together with their caps sticking out of the water.

Gamanche's father is a shoemaker here while the Dumont family live on a farm near the lake.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 24 Nov 1908



Two Cass Lake Boys Lose Lives in Jarvis Lake, Three Miles Northwest of Cass Lake.

Herald Special Service.

Cass Lake, Nov. 22. - Albert Gamache, aged 18, and Charles Boulang, aged 19, were drowned last night while skating on the shores of Jarvis lake, about three miles northwest of Cass Lake. The bodies of both boys were recovered at an early hour this morning.

The two boys had been stopping at the home of V. L. Gamache, father of Albert Gamache, and after supper last evening they decided to go skating on Jarvis lake. This lake is a small body of water and the ice had frozen but a short distance from the shore. As the boyd sid not return to the Gamache home, Mr. Gamache became alarmed for their safety and at midnight last night went in search of them. Mr. Gamache searched the shores of the lake and found the coats of the boys lying on the bank. A short distance from where the coats lay were found the hats of the two boys.

Mr. Gamache hastily summoned help and after dragging the lake for several hours the bodies were both brought to the surface and were taken to the Gamache home, where they were today being prepared for burial.

The Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND 24 Nov 1908