Biwabik, MN Mine Accident, Jul 1906


Arvid Lahti Wants $2,050 From Mining Company for Hurts While at Work.

The case of Arvid Lahti against the Hector Iron company was taken up in the district court yesterday afternoon before Judge Dibell and a jury. Lahti was employed as a miner in the Hector mine near Biwabik, which is operated by the defendant company, and claims that he sustained serious injuries through the negligence of his employers. He is suing for $2,050.

Lahti was working in a shaft at a depth of about 90 feet, and claims that he and the other men who were employed with him were raised and lowered to and from their work in a skip, which was operated by a steam engine.

It is alleged that the man who operated the engine was incompentent and unlicensed, which is contrary to the statutes of the state.

On July 31, it is claimed, Lahti and five others, including the shift boss, were about to be lowered to the bottom of the shaft, and had given the proper signal to the engineer, when the skip shot suddenly downward, striking a timber staging near the bottom with great force, throwing Lahti out, rendering him unconscious and causing severe injuries to his spine, back and other portions of his body.

Lahti claims that his injuries are permanent, and that he will be incapacitated from performing hard labor forever. John R. Heino and Theodore Hollister represent Lahti, and E. C. Kennedy and H. T. Abbott appear for the iron company.

The case was not started until late in the afternoon, and the first witness was still on the stand when an adjournment until Monday morning was taken.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 16 Mar 1907



Jury Awards Arvid Lahti $1,050 for Hurts Sustained in Hector Company's Mine.

The jury in the personal injury case of Arvid Lahti against the Hector Iron company, returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff yesterday afternoon, and awarded him damages in the sum of $1,050. Lahti sued for $2,050. He was represented by John R. Heino and Theodore Hollister, E. C. Kennedy appearing for the mining company.

Upon the conclusion of the Lahti case the action of John Hyvonnen against the Hector Iron Mining company was started. The Lahti and Hyvonnen cases are identical in nature, with the exception of the amount of damage asked, Hyvonnen demanding $5,000.

The men were employed in the Hector mine near Biwabik, and were injured, it is claimed, by being lowered at great speed in the skip to the bottom of the shaft, the skip striking a timber staging and throwing them out, causing, it is claimed, severe injuries. It is alleged that the engine operating the skip was run by an unlicensed engineer, which is contrary to state laws. The attorneys that appeared in the Lahti action will try the other case.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 22 Mar 1907