Minneapolis, MN Carriage Repository Fire, Feb 1905

Carriage Repository Destroyed By Fire

News Tribune Special;
Minneapolis, Feb. 16.-Fire today practically destroyed the interior of a three story brick building on Hennepin Avenue, the first two floors of which were occupied by J.D. VIVIAN, as a carriage and harness repository, and the third floor by the Bank Protection Company. The loss is estimated between $75,000 and $90,000. The fire burned so fiercely that the police deemed it advisable to arouse the guests of the Rockingham and Holmes hotels adjoining. The blaze was confined to the one building.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 17 Feb 1905


Risen From Its Ruins

J.D. Vivian’s New Carriage Repository Is Completed and Stocked-Same Site As Former Establishment Which Burned Out Four Months Ago.

Minneapolis Tribune: A good example of the rapidity with which Minneapolis business men recover from the effect of loss is shown in the case of J.D. VIVIAN, the big Hennepin avenue carriage dealer. Only four months ago fire ruined his building and almost entirely destroyed his large stock of vehicles and harness, and now he is back again in the same place with a rebuilt building and an immense new stock.

As it is now Mr. VIVIAN has first-class, up-to-date carriage repository, with any kind of a vehicle in stock the human mind could wish for-everything from a runabout to a brougham. In addition to vehicles, he carries a complete line of harness and all accessories.

Speaking to a Tribune reporter yesterday, Mr. VIVIAN said: “I have great faith in Minneapolis and in the northwest. I have been in business here a ling time, and every year’s business has shown a handsome increase over the preceding one. Of course my loss by fire retarded things a little, but I opened temporary quarters and my friends hunted me up. In rebuilding here, I have made a number of changes in the arrangement of the interior for the sake of convenience, and in selecting my new stock I have bought with particular reference to quality. There is nothing in the building I can’t back up with my own personal guarantee, or that I wouldn’t just as soon use for myself. Everything being new, is necessarily up to date. The entire stock is true blue, pure gold and clean as a whistle.

Mr. VIVIAN extends a most cordial invitation to anyone interested in the vehicles to call and inspect his stock. If you anticipate purchasing, he will be more than pleased to quote prices. Don’t forget the name and number J.D. VIVIAN, 731-733 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 30 Jul 1905