Duluth, MN Tug F D DANFORTH Fire, Jun 1892


The F. D. Danforth Destroyed By Fire Yesterday Afternoon Near the Superior Entry.


The Boat was Valued at $6,000 and Carried from $3,000 to $4,000 Worth of Insurance.

Williams, Daughtery & Upham's tug, the F. D. Danforth, burned to the water line yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, and sank. The Danforth was engaged in towing some scows from Quebec pier, Old Superior, out into the lake. She was taking a loaded scow and hd got outside the natural entry, when fire broke out. The alarm was given with her whistle, but no craft were in reach, and the blaze had gained such headway that it was impossible for the crew to extinguish it. After laboring in vain the captain and crew set the engine working and jumping on the second scow cut loose the lines which lashed it to the Danforth's side. The moment gained by the tug, the scow being steered in an opposite direction, carried them apart and saved the crew from attempting to reach shore by swimming. The Danforth sank just off the south pier of the natural entry. The Danforth was valued at $6,000 and E. S. Upham, one of the owners, said last night that she was insured for between $3,000 and $4,000. She caught fire twice on Monday but tugs were at hand both times to put it out. The cause is unknown unless it was some suddenly occasioned defect whereby fire was transmitted to the woodwork. The Danforth was built in 1867 at Buffalo, and her gross tonnage was 20 tons.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 22 Jun 1892