Duluth, MN Oliver Mining Co Accidents, Oct 1911


Oliver Mining Company Is Defendant in Suits.

Personal injury cases amounting to $25,000 were filed yesterday against the Oliver Mining company.

Valentine Skarja, through his guardian, Harry DeChambeau, is asking $5,000 for alleged damages due to negligence on the part of the company. Skarja was a brakeman and got his leg crushed between two cars while trying to couple them.

Mike Sabaly wants $3,000 for injuries alleged to have been received while he was at work on a steam shovel at the Hull-Rust mine. He claims that he was hit by a defective jack-screw, and that several of his ribs were broken.

Joseph Chipack asks $5,000 for injuries, which he alleges were sustained to his back when he slipped and fell against an ore car. He says that the company did not furnish him a safe place to work.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 21 Oct 1911