Minneapolis, MN central market fire, Jul 1894


Entire Block Destroyed, Causing a Loss of About $500,000.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 19. - The Central Market, occupying an entire block between Second and Third Avenues, North and Sixth and Seventh Streets, was destroyed by fire to-night, together with several small dwellings and a livery stable. The los will be in the neighborhood of $500,000. The market house was a three-story brick structure built around three sides of a court, which, during the day, afforded accommodations for some 400 market gardeners.

Immediately adjoining the stable was a huge reservior belonging to the Minneapolis Gaslight Company, in which was stored 62,000,000 feet of illuminating gas. To keep the flames from reaching this was the hazardous undertaking of a large detachement of the Fire Department. The firemen did their work well, and, although the intense heat set fire to the cupola of the building, the fire was kept from the highly-inflammable material within.

Following are the heaviest losers: Central Market Company, $275,000; Gamble, Robinson & Co., $175,000; E. G. Potter & Co., $7,000; W. H. Coon, $12,000; Gottsworth & Drew, $20,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Jul 1894